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A hearty WELCOME from the families at Spitzer Ranch. Our Brangus Seedstock operation is located 8 miles Northeast of Pratt in south central Kansas. Owned by John and Patricia and Brian and Loretta and managed by them and their four children. Obviously, we are a family operation and had our Brangus beginnings back in 1982. However, John and Patricia ran commercial cattle since the first summer of their marriage and there are multigenerational involvements in Agriculture that go back on both sides of the family tree.

Updated: 9/22/2022

We can promise you that every genetic decision made at Spitzer Ranch since 1982 has been focused on YOUR FUTURE. That is what has kept us in business all these years. We have based our entire program on selection for economically relevant traits and the needs of commercial cattle producers. Our disciplined selection decisions have consistently focused on producing CURVE BENDER BRANGUS BULLS. Concurrently trying to drive down birth weights and drive up growth traits while paying attention to carcass traits essential to the beef industry. Quite simply you need calves that are born the right size, grow fast and deliver a premium carcass. That is the simple part - the hard part is to keep it simple. Every time we add a new herd sire through AI or use one of their sons, Spitzer Ranch customers are the focus of that decision.

We are also one of the very few Seedstock Producers of any breed who vigorously promote a PLANNED CROSSBREEDING PROGRAM. As commercial cattle folks you just cannot ignore the economic value of the crossbred cow. By using Spitzer Ranch Brangus Bulls on your current cow herd, you immediately capitalize on our genetics for low birthweights, increased calving ease, superior growth to weaning and yearling ages and better carcass quality. Subsequently, retaining those Brangus-sired replacement females unlocks the true value of incorporating Brangus genetics.

Our philosophy is to provide GENETICS that predictably increase performance and profitability for our customers. Please contact us with your questions or getting ideas on developing a well-planned program utilizing our Brangus Genetics to create a crossbreeding system.

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