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BRANGUS is the Crossbreeding Breed of Choice to Maximize Heterosis. SPITZER RANCH, LLC Bulls Deliver in siring those High Performing, Efficient CROSSBRED replacement females with bred-in advantages to put "Pounds on the ground and dollars in your pocket ".

Updated: 9/22/2022

Commercial Cattle Producers

The folks at Spitzer Ranch are absolutely convinced of two things that will go a long way toward increasing production and profitability in commercial cow herds. FIRST, capitalizing on HETEROSIS by using a well-planned crossbreeding program and SECOND, Brangus will be the breed of choice to maximize HETEROSIS in that structured crossbreeding plan.

Volumes of data have shown a disciplined crossbreeding program to increase productivity by 20-25% over straight breeding. A majority of those data were generated by crossing Bos Taurus X Bos Taurus breeds (English and Continental Cattle). However, data from the southeast and, more recently, reports from USDA-MARC, Clay Center, NE would say that increase to be almost doubled if Bos Taurus are crossed with Bos Indicus (Brahman and the American Breeds). For a variety of reasons, we believe Brangus to be the breed of choice among the Bos Indicus breeds.

Spitzer Ranch has been involved in creating structured crossbreeding programs in such varied climates as the Florida Tropics; the Toxic Fescue Belt (almost 1/3 of the USA); what would be considered Mid-west and High-plains cattle country; and the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. The Brangus crossbred cow always comes through. We have worked with Brangus X Brangus cattle on the Gulf Coast and even a Brangus X Long Horn herd in North Florida. But mostly we designed crossbreeding plans using Brangus X Angus, Brangus X Sim-Angus, Brangus X Gelbvieh and Brangus X Hereford in structured two-breed-crisscross breeding programs. Our experience has been those producers with a program never looked back and consistently became more profitable than with other straight breeding or cross breeding programs.


To be certain, for almost 40 years, we have been focused on producing Brangus Seedstock that meet the needs of the commercial cattle industry. Spitzer Ranch embraces a philosophy grounded in the thought of objective selection of cattle for economically relevant traits that enhance profitability for our customers. We would like to think our steadfast striving for genetic improvement is also why we are producing Brangus Cattle that are increasingly attracting attention from other REGISTERED BRANGUS BREEDERS.

One of our heroes in this great industry is James Bennett, Knoll Crest Farms, Red House, VA. Years ago he lectured an epiphany statement. "As a seedstock producer, our primary focus has always been to service our commercial bull customers. In doing so, we hope to produce a few bulls that only a seedstock producer or AI Stud can afford." Lately we have been fortunate to have 5-10% of our bulls find homes in registered cow herds.

Here is what some of our customers say:

CHICKAMOO FARMS, Commercial Beef Producers, Oakway, SC

Dear Spitzer Families,

Your telephone reminder about the 2021 Bull Sale prodded us to send a note. As you will remember we purchased our first SPITZER RANCH BRANGUS Bulls 4 years ago. We saw an immediate impact on our calves from the first calves born. Weaning weights from our base cows have increased 50 to 75 pounds and overall body composition improved dramatically. Our male calves are much more uniform at weaning and a local stocker operator has been giving us a nickel over the local market for these steers. We have just begun to get calves from retained replacement heifers and continue to see improvements. These first calf heifers have good frame and carry good maternal traits. We could not be happier with the bulls supplied by Spitzer Ranch!

Frank Ables and Justin Ables
Oakway, SC

Frank Ables and son Justin operate CHICKAMOO FARMS in Northwest South Carolina. They have a very diversified and integrated poultry, commercial cattle, and row crop operation.

SHELL CREEK CATTLE – Varner Family, Commercial Beef Producers, Wortham, TX


I have had the pleasure of knowing John and Patricia Spitzer for some 25 years and have benefited from using Spitzer Ranch Brangus genetics for that same amount of time.

The Shell Creek Cattle program is to maintain a foundation herd of straight bred Brangus cows and then breed the offspring from those cows to horned Hereford bulls to create Hereford X Brangus “Super Baldies”. Some of these we keep and breed back to Brangus bulls and some we have for sale. The Spitzer’s Brangus Bulls have been an integral part of our program. To me it all starts with fertility. We retain ownership on all our steers until they are processed so it is paramount to keep a tight breeding season. Their bulls keep that fertility in our herd year after year, but they also perform. Our Spitzer bred calves or calves that track back to Spitzer genetics are consistently in the top 10% of our weaning weight ratios. We know when we send those calves to the feed lot they are going to perform, and they do.

I know the Spitzer’s and I know their cattle; I trust them and have full confidence when I buy from them, they are going to deliver what is important to me.

Steve Varner
Shell Creek Cattle
Wortham, TX

BASS RANCH and FOUR K RANCH, Commercial Beef Producers, Okeechobee, FL

John and Patricia,

Wanted to drop a note and congratulate you on your move to Kansas. We have bought numerous Brangus bulls from the Spitzer Family over the past twenty years or more; and it has always been a pleasure to do business with you. The quality of Spitzer Ranch bulls has more than met our expectations and improved performance of our calves. Additionally, you have always been accommodating and have stood behind your animals.

J.C. and Jo Anne Bass   
Bass Ranch, INC. & Four K Ranch, INC
Okeechobee, Florida

KYLE STEPHENS – Commercial Beef Producer, Westminster, SC

Hello Spitzer Family,

Wanted to send you a note on our experiences with Brangus over the past year or so. We had calved out a herd of Angus and Sim-Angus First-Calf heifers and were needing a bull to rebreed them. Our mutual friend, Chad Burton, had a nine-year-old Catawba Warrior R532 son (purchased from Spitzer Ranch, LLC) and he had too many daughters in his registered herd to use the bull again. He therefore offered to lend me that bull. A bit fearful, I turned out a 9-year old bull with 23 cows for 90 days, but he surely did his job and then some.

All cows were pregnant, and all had their second calf within 41 days. Had 8 steer calves which weaned at 585 pounds straight off the cow and pretty well sold at the top of the market. The one-half Brangus heifers are really nice, and we kept 14 to add to our herd. I was so pleased that I purchased one of the old bull’s offspring as a herd bull. We could not be happier with what Spitzer Ranch genetics have done to enhance our small cow herd.

Sincerely Kyle Stephens
Westminster, SC

PAT AND BRADY PFEIL, Commercial Beef Producers, Arcadia and Wauchula, FL

Notes on Bull Buying — the most expensive input a cow calf production must manage.

We had genetic control of our own bull power for many years by being IBBA Registered Seedstock Producers in conjunction with a large closed herd of commercial Brangus cattle. When we exited the purebred business, we had to face the challenge of finding bulls that met our standards. Bulls we bought had to:

First: Have balanced performance to produce steers that graded as we retained ownership to slaughter; and provide maternal traits as we raised our own heifers.

Second: Be on a herd health program that included being Brucellosis, BVD, Johne’s Disease, and Trichomoniasis free and an annual prevention program to match our commercial herd.

Third: Provide low birth weight bulls to enable us to calf our 2-year-olds without complications.

Fourth: But not least, have a docile temperament as we work cattle with our grandchildren.

After extensive record searches, we found that a breeder we had known for over thirty years met our needs. Spitzer Ranch, LLC was not close by, but the product was worth the shipping. We generally do not go to the sales (2 times in the last 13 years) but watch the videos after studying catalog information. We usually bid over the phone on the conference call TELO-AUCTION. In several years, when we were not available for phone bidding, they have just bought our bulls for us. Either way we have always been pleased when the bulls stepped off the trailer at the ranch.

Dealing with like-minded ethical folks like the Spitzer’s is what makes being in this business a blessing. So, we can say - "Buy with confidence - we do!”

Brady and Pat Pfeil
Arcadia, FL

BURTON FAMILY FARMS – Registered Brangus Seedstock Breeder, Westminster, SC

Merriam-Webster defines the noun TRUST as an “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Without question, that definition is an accurate summation of my on-going relationship with the Spitzer Ranch program. As I work to produce reliable seedstock for commercial beef producers, Doc continues to guide me with his wisdom, knowledge, and personal experience. I find great comfort in relying on the upstanding moral character of the entire Spitzer family, as well as their abilities to produce cattle with extremely strong “Curve Bending Genetics”.

The package that they offer combines low birth weights with high growth performance and tremendous carcass traits. Fifteen years ago, I started out with five commercial heifers that were bred to a Spitzer Ranch bull. Since then, I have purchased sixteen bulls and females that carry the Spitzer Ranch influence. Those animals currently serve as the foundation for Burton Family Farms genetics. Simply put, Spitzer Ranch provides the quality seedstock that I aim to produce on my farm. I strongly encourage anyone looking for top quality Brangus or Ultrablack bulls to TRUST Spitzer Ranch with their next bull purchase, for that trust will withstand the test of time.

Chad Burton
Burton Family Farms
Brangus and Ultrablack Seedstock
Westminster, SC

CARTER BRANGUS, LLC – Registered Brangus Seedstock Breeder, Thatcher, AZ

When we look for herd sires, we demand reliable, dependable genetics and performance numbers that have integrity.  We purchased SR Chickasaw Warrior F819 from John and Brian Spitzer of Spitzer Ranch LLC because of their personal integrity, reliability, and high-quality genetics.  We are well pleased with our bull purchase and will return to Spitzer Ranch again.

This Preston, Kansas program is unmatched in quality and integrity.  We recommend in highest terms, without reservation, Spitzer Ranch as a premier source for genetically superior Brangus animals!

Bart Carter
Bryce Carter
Carter Brangus LLC
Thatcher, AZ

CRAIG ACRES FARM - Commercial Beef Producers, Ninety Six, SC

Hello Doc and Patricia,

As you are well aware, Craig Acres Farm has been purchasing Brangus bulls from you for more years than I can remember. We want to make sure we remain on your mailing list since you moved to Kansas. Our Brangus bulls will still be sourced from Spitzer Ranch. We have found them to create ideal crossbred cows for our fescue country. Brangus give us tremendous heat tolerance and their calves are sure fast growing compared to other breeds we have used. We hope we can still call on Doc for advice as he has always been an asset in helping select the appropriate bull to improve our herd. Stay in touch with your friends in South Carolina!

Paul Walker and the Walker Family
Craig Acres Farm,
Ninety Six, SC

We’re certainly proud of our ranch and even prouder of the company we keep as customers!


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